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Your time off is precious, you've worked hard for this. Let us take care of the details for you so you can make the most of your stay in the stunning Great Southern.

We can arrange so much of what will make this trip a perfect one, filled with memories and joy.


A lazy picnic -  rug, basket and gourmet foods

A birthday party - decorations, cake and nibbles 

A romantic get away for two  - flowers, candles and bubbles

A wellness weekend - massage, healthy meals and yoga

A fishing weekend with mates  -  bbq essentials, beer and bait

Whatever your dream trip away looks like, we can create it for you - set up ready for you to walk in and enjoy. 



Locally Sourced - Speciality Ingredients

Part of what makes the Great Southern so wonderful is our array of speciality food and beverages. Grown and produced in one of the world's most pristine environments. Our range is exceptional...but sometimes tricky to find. Luckily we have a great relationship with some of the top producers, and farmers. So let us gather the best of the region and have it ready for you to enjoy.

Wild caught seafood fresh off the boat every day. 

Family owned, farmed marron, straight from the dam to you.

Free range, pasture fed, slow grown meat, poultry and eggs.

Fresh picked vegetables, that were still growing that morning. 

Hand baked sourdough loaves direct from the artisan baker to you.

Handcrafted chocolate, small batch cheese,  fresh truffles, world class wines, craft brews, gourmet mushrooms, chef-made meals...the list is long and constantly growing ...we bring the best to you.


Recipe boxes - Private Chef - Ready Meals - Cooking Classes

Have your very own Master Chef experience in your gorgeous holiday kitchen. Tell us your favourite ingredients or dream meals. We can then create a menu, supply the ingredients, leave step-by-step recipes and ensure you have all the utensils. All the fun - with none of the stress.

If your idea of cooking on your time off is less than exciting, let us do the cooking for you. 

We can arrange a private chef to cook in your room. Or we can have chef prepared meals delivered to your room, before you arrive, all you need to do is heat and serve. 

For those wanting a little education with their meals, let us run a cooking class with you. Handmade fresh pasta and sauces, seafood and matched side dishes, the perfect steak, or those cheffy secrets you've always wanted to know. 

And if you don't want to go out too early, let us deliver a breakfast hamper, filled with local produce to prepare and bed or not...we will never know!


Drink Selection and Supply

We can source and supply the best wines, beers, ciders  and more.

A cool crisp Chardonnay to  take along on your picnic?

The big bold red to accompany that incredible steak you just cooked?

The best beers to partner up with your BBQ meal?

The  perfect bottle of bubbles to create the special memory?

Having a close relationship to many of the region's top wineries, and craft breweries, means we can get our hands on some pretty special drops.  

No matter if it's a casual drink with friends or one of the biggest moments in your life, we will find the perfect drink to match.

your perfect time away


Romantic Getaway

We can't get it written in the stars, but we could write it on the beach for you....Being romantic is tricky when you don't have the ability to  set up the surprise for your special someone. If you are planning a romantic moment we can have it all ready for you. Then you can enjoy the look on their face when they see what you have created just for them.

Proposals - this is a memory you will never forget, and retell many many times over. We will discuss all your ideas and help  you create the perfect setting that your special someone will treasure forever.

Elopements - what a beautiful way to make your special day about you two. We work closely with professional, local wedding planners to create your ideal wedding, just the way you want it.

Anniversaries  - equally as important whether it is the 1st or the 50th . Recreate a special memory and let them know you still love them.


Let us help however you need.


Hide Away

Do you ever get that feeling that you just want to hibernate? Hide away from the world? Be in your comfy clothes and snuggle? Finish that book? 

We call it cocooning. 

We can arrange everything - the food, the drinks, the fluffy socks. You won't have to leave the accommodation if you don't want to.

Spend some serious downtime and just relax.

No matter if it's with your special someone, a friend or two, or all by yourself. Time away with nothing to worry about is important. Reconnect and enjoy the calmness. 

Come out of your cocoon and you will feel like a new you.  


Fun Trip Away

Sometimes you just need to let off some steam, you and a group of friends are headed to us and you just want to have fun...

Fishing gear or charter? 

Surf boards or lessons?

Bike hire or running tour?

Farm experience or Aboriginal Cultural workshop?

Wake up to the sound of the birds and let one of our yoga or pilates instructors meet you and get you ready for a perfect day ahead.

Have a massage therapist or beauty therapist come to you and pamper you, while you relax in your own room.

Maybe a painting teacher or pottery  instructor for those wanting more creative experiences.

.A scenic flight  or guided bush walk for something a little more adventurous. 

If your heart desires it, we will find it.


The Essentials




Salt and Pepper

Hair Dryer


Beach Umbrella

Tennis Racket

Golf Clubs

Glad Wrap


High Chair

Dog Food


Copy of Pretty Woman on DVD (or is that just me?)

You get the idea! 

It may be as simple as stocking the pantry before you arrive, or as complex as decorating the entire house, arranging the catering, and getting Santa to appear for Christmas. 


The Technical Stuff

We  love making people happy, and we really love showing off this incredible region, but.....

Obviously we cannot do EVERYTHING,  however we will not give up until we have exhausted every option. 

Some things are seasonal - fish,  asparagus.... sunshine. So if we can't get it we will suggest alternatives. 

We cannot guarantee the proposal will get a "Yes", but by golly we will give it everything we have to help you get it.

And everything we do is to make it simple for you.

Our rates are simple too:

We charge 15% on top of the retail price of your requirements.

Plus a flat fee of $40 per hour for the time to set up and arrange your plans. We are pretty flexible and will do what we can to keep this time to a minimum.

Some items are available for hire, prices for these are available on request.

We are happy to prepare a estimated quote for your plans and will endeavour to finalise the preparations within that budget. We are always happy to discuss your plans and work around your budget. And will be available to talk to at any point while we are arranging your time away.

Please note that booking times will vary, especially in peak periods. A refundable deposit may be charged on some equipment, this will be explained in advance. 

All Concierge and Guest Services will receive a comprehensive quote, and once settled, an invoice will be sent via Square to authorise payment - Easy!

let's see what we can do for you

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